Are Insurance and Identification
Needed for a COVID-19 Test?

Are Insurance And Identification Needed For A COVID-19 Test

Are Insurance and Identification Needed for a COVID-19 Test?

The Federal Government has approved funding to reimburse health care providers and facilities for COVID-19 testing and treatment of the uninsured. We are required to ask for your insurance information to receive reimbursement. However, you do not need to provide a driver’s license or social security number to get a test. COVID-19 testing is available, regardless of immigration status.

Under Families First and the CARES Act, plans and insurers must cover the following types of COVID-19 tests without cost-sharing: tests approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), tests provided by labs on an emergency basis, state-developed tests, and any other tests deemed appropriate by HHS. Given the wide array of tests available in the market (and concerns about their accuracy), the guidance offers additional clarity about the tests that must be covered under Section 6001.

Prior federal guidance noted that coverage of the COVID-19 test (and related items and services) is only required “when medically appropriate for the individual, as determined by the individual’s attending health care provider.” Note that neither limitation (when medically appropriate or as determined by a provider) appears in the text of Section 6001. Section 6001 states simply that plans and insurers must cover without cost-sharing or medical management requirements COVID-19 diagnostic tests and related items and services during any portion of the federal public health emergency.

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