Illustration Of Our Quick, Easy, and Digital 15 Minute Rapid COVID-19 Test Process.

Why choose Us.

With our experience, we have the knowledge and necessary resources to provide complete and accurate COVID-19 test results in a cost-effective manner. Healthcare services and budgets are a big concern of ours, and our affordable prices allow us to keep our communities tested, while still keeping money in their pockets.

We founded CovClinic with the goal of giving an optimal patient experience. With this in mind, not only are we moving to a full digital testing process, but on average our patients are in and out of our testing locations in 10 minutes or less.

Our Mission.

We're here to provide a multitude of testing options at the lowest prices, while still providing the highest level of customer service to all our patients. Our priority is to make the COVID-19 testing process as quick, easy, and safe as possible, as we know for most people it is an obligation to get tested. We believe that healthcare is a right to everyone, and that every single person deserves affordable access to testing. We are here to serve our community and will test anyone and everyone. We don't require insurance or doctor referrals, it's as simple as driving up, and getting tested.

What we Provide.

At CovClinic, we’re proud to offer free COVID-19 PCR tests as well as direct access to a variety of others including antigen and antibody tests. We provide these other options with the goal of helping to keep our patients knowledgeable on their past and current infection status. Our on-site staff is highly trained in making sure our patient experience is quick, easy, and safe with an “in and out” testing time of 10 minutes or less. We aim to serve all types of patients from individuals to full company staff as our resources allow us to test a high quantity of people very quickly.

With multiple locations around the USA, we’re focused on testing communities in every state, and have sites opening up by the week.

What CovClinic can offer in regards to COVID-19 testing is unmatched, and is your communities go-to choice when choosing a testing service.

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Safety First

Minimal Exposure Testing

CovClinic implements a structure that allows the patient to get tested from the safety of their own car. Our patients can rest assured that the only contact they will have while at our testing sites is with a head-to-toe PPE protected testing associate. It is our duty to make sure not only our patients are protected from others who might have contracted the COVID-19 virus, but our employees as well.

Patients who choose to get tested at hospitals or other indoor clinics have a higher risk of being exposed to the virus due to the indoor setting, and more often than not, poorly ventilated rooms. Our focus is to provide a safe environment for patients, and ensure their health is top priority.

Free Drive Thru Rapid COVID-19 Testing For Minimal Exposure To The Virus.
Care For All

Testing For Anyone And Everyone

We are dedicated to providing COVID-19 testing services to all individuals in order to keep our communities safe. Regardless if our patients do or do not have insurance, doctors referrals, or even citizenship, CovClinic is available to them. We are non-biased and our services are available for everyone to use.

Information shared with CovClinic remains confidential and protected per HIPAA regulations. Many COVID-19 testing sites require that a patient show symptoms or have been exposed in order to get tested. We ensure that testing is available to everyone, regardless of reason; whether that be exposure, showing symptoms, or a need for travel or work. Our mission is to keep our community healthy and increase accessibility to COVID tests, no matter the circumstances.

CovClinic Offers Free COVID-19 Testing To Anyone And Everyone. Insured Or Not.

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